What is chocopost?

šokolado paštas is 100g lithuanian chocolate bar on which you can write a message and send by post as a postcard


How will the recipient receive chocopost?

Recipients will receive chocopost directly to their post box, because we'll send it via unregistered mail.


Is it allowed by law to send chocolate my mail?

Yes, it is allowed by law to send up to 500g of chocolate my mail


How long it will take for delivery to take place and how much does it cost?

We post the orders within 24h

The delivery times and prices are :

Lithuania 2-4 working days. The price is 2.5Litas

European Union 5-10 working days. The price is 8.2Litas

The rest of the world 7-18 working days. The price is 11.75Litas


Will chocolate melt on a hot day?

Chocolate will not melt if the temperature outside will not exceed +20C . We do not recomend to send the chocolate on hot summer days.